GtkPlayer is basically a C file allowing you to easily embed mplayer in a GtkWidget, allowing to display movies in your GTK apps almost as easily as adding a GtkLabel. It has nothing in common, apart from its name, with the other gtkplayer, which is a full-featured player.

Adding a video to your app will be as easy as:
    	GtkWidget *box;
	GtkPlayer *player;
	box = gtk_vbox_new(FALSE,2);
	player = gtk_player_new("my_video.file");
	gtk_box_pack_start(GTK_BOX(box), player->widget,TRUE,TRUE,0);
The tarball contains gtkplayer.[ch] and a test C file, allowing you to quickly test the widget.

CVS checkout:
	cvs co gtkplayerembed

For downloads, mailing-list etc, refer to project page.

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